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Where Design And Construction Meet
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Where Design And Construction Meet
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Where Design And Construction Meet

Newco was founded on four main principles:


The strength of our team of skilled project managers and superintendents is our willingness to help each other and ability to problem solve throughout the process. Our construction and design team always remains flexible and willing to change to make the project better and more cost effective. In today’s market it’s about being flexible and willing to solve problems “on the fly” in a creative manner that can be used to strengthen the project.


Good communication starts from the top and filters throughout an organization. It is important that all members of the team have good communication skills and keep the client and design team informed throughout the process.


Our client relationships are the most important factor in all our decision making. Every decision made has the client in mind and how it will affect their business. Our relationships are not just project based, we participate in their lives and they in ours. We expect our team to be committed to the client from top to bottom and we show it.


Trust is key to our relationships with out clients and our integrity is something we protect with a passion. Trust is what allows us the ability to work with the same client after many years and many projects.

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Where Design and Construction meet

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